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Updated 6/23/10

Original Dog and Cat Paintings

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Original oil, "Pesto, Resting" 12 x 16 $295

What's fun about this painting is the curving lines that all roll up to the focal point--Pesto Kitty--zonked out on the papers, paw extended. It's about 95% completed at this stage, and will get some softened edges (I never seem to have enough transitional edges!) and more detailing on the kitty-face.

I'm very pleased with the strength of the brushwork on the lower half, though. It's what I've sought to be able to do for a while.

This measures approximately 8 x 6 inches, and is an acrylic looking like a watercolor.
Here's the acylic collage to match the lighter side of things below--loosely based upon my own Bats cat, but a domestic longhair instead! This one is full of additives that make it sparkle and shine.
I hope you enjoy it!


7 x 5 Acrylic on board, "Black Party" $249 from me.

Re-showing the Fabricritters from the past few days has brought out some fun expressive paintings today! I did two cat paintings fresh off the easel, and share with you this first one, called "The Light Side". It is a sweet domestic shorthair kitty, like my Pesto in one of her playful moods when she holds onto somethimg with her paws.

"White Party" Acrylic 7 x 5 on board $249 from me.

The last (and best?) of the Fabricritters for your pleasure and enjoyment, this one with the canning jars (just fabric collaged onto the canvas and then painted to LOOK like glass jars!!) and the box of Oat Bran reminding us to be sure to have enough fiber in our diets. I think with all our cat hair from Pesto and Bats, we get enough!
So to follow up on the continuing saga of the Fabricritters, here is the largest of the four pieces, never shown before. This measures 30 x 40 inches, and is called "Calicoal" I hope you enjoy this one! It was the first that I created, and as it seems to be of interest to many of you who have your hands in quilting and other fabric arts, somewhat fitting. Here's a closeup of the head, where you can see the paint work, and then an image of the head and shoulder, showing the transition to the fabric. Acrylics are wonderful for applying with collage materials.

Hmmm, Tuxedo cats again, and Bats the Studio Cat!  Of course, Bats has never seen snow, but he will always model for me, and I can then have a wonderfully fun time making the snow and shadows behind him in this fanciful landscape, covered in rime and icicles. Entitled, "Will You Feed Me?" Bats might play the role of a feral cat looking for a handout. Original acrylic, 8 x 10 inches available for $250

"Pesto Posing" This painting is 6 x 8 inches, and is an oil, with a totally different "feel" from yesterday's image. Taking more time, and with studied concentration to capture that foreshortened paw, Pesto is shown lounging on my studio chair. Do I get to sit down? No.... Available through Paypal for $195.

Purchase with an email Elin about this painting.

"A Pitcher for Bats"   Here is one of the artist's many cats, warming up in my still life setups.  This painting was selected by Hasbro, Inc., for use on their Picture Perfect Puzzles.  In 2004, this same image appeared as the cover puzzle for Hasbro's Puzzle Keeper. The light creates a warm spot, and "Bats the Cat" is a heat magnet.  Original oil painting, 24 x 30 inches. Unfortunately destroyed in a freak accident. Not available. 
"A Pitcher for Bats, Redone"   When a really good painting gets destroyed as the original just above did, I often think I can reproduce it in a new, perhaps better way. So it is with the painting that replaced the destroyed original--slightly smaller, warmer in tone, and better! 
"Pensive" One of the many cats that own Elin sits on a black shawl, surrounded by flowers and a small cream pitcher.  The strong lighting of the subject creates drama.  And look at those cat eyes!  Original oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches, unframed US $375 Purchase from the artist

"Stray Cat #1" 5x5 acrylic

"Shelf Life" Original Fabricritter cat, made with acrylic paint and actual fabric glued in place. The mystery of these paintings is to figure out where the paint leaves off and the fabric begins! 18 x 24 inches, US $800 from the artist.

Purchase from the artist

"Lili-cat" Original Fabricritter cat, made with acrylic paint and actual fabric glued in place. The mystery of these paintings is to figure out where the paint leaves off and the fabric begins! 18 x 24 inches. Featured in Walter Foster's "Acrylic References for Artists" US $800 from the artist.

Purchase from the artist


Ah, beloved pets. Is there anything more comforting than to see them as they are today, knowing their short lives are going to become part of your personal history down the road? The black and tan is my beloved, aged Q, or "little biting dog"--LBD, who is 17 years old this year. Still spry, but with growths, totally deaf and cataracts are taking her once sharp eyesight.

Sparky is the "accidental" dog--I almost didn't get him, but at the last minute decided that Onslow needed a playmate. Dogs, true to their own needs, disrupted my best-laid plans. Onslow cares for and stays with Q, and Sparky has become my constant companion.

This is an original oil, 11 x 14, but not for sale. I like to keep some of my memories.

"OTI" OTI means "owner turned in" and is a common notation on many dog's intake cards at the animal shelter. This young terrier mix may find a new home, but with so many animals needing adoption, the future for others is bleak. I recently adopted a cat from our shelter, and this dog would have come home with me, too, but for my other dogs. Not available for sale at this time. Original oil on linen, 16 x 12 inches.
"Take Me, Please?" The second in the series of animal shelter dogs, which so profoundly affected me when I adopted my new cat. Original oil on linen, 16 x 12 inches. Not available for purchase at this time.
"Thanks, but I'll Wait" Third in the series on shelter pets, this Basset hound is tough to place, however, since he appears to be purebred, I'm sure a rescue organization will come and pick him up. He wouldn't look at me, but rather seemed to have his eyes focused on the distant wish that the owner who turned him in will return, so he waits. Original oil on board, 16 x 12 inches. Not for sale at this time.

"Sentinels, Evoe"     I have been owned by several Doberman dogs, and here are the last two I had, Reddog and Evoe.  They are watching, ever keeping an eye on their property.  The red, uncropped male was a rescue from Long Beach, and lived out his life on my acreage, and his former owner, a G.I. sent to the war, would have liked to know that.  The black female was my beloved companion at work and play.  This painting is featured in Walter Foster's Acrylic Reference Book for Artists. Original acrylic painting on canvas, 30 x 38 inches. US $2150 in a custom rosewood frame. Purchase from the artist
"Front Porch Dogs"  I have been owned by many dogs in my life, and these two Dobermans were my beloved companions for their later years.  The red dog (appropriately named "Reddog" was a rescue.  The black female was was Evoe, my guardian and friend for seven years. This work is featured in Walter Foster's Acrylic Reference Book for Artists.  It has also won Best in Show at the Elsinore "Creative Decisions II" art show.  Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 inches.US $2400 Purchase from the artist
"Starfire's Fear No Evil"   My beloved female Doberman, called "Evoe", she was my constant companion at work and play from 7 weeks to the day she passed away.  Commissions like this can be yours, too.  Original oil painting, 12 x 9 inches. Price for an equivalent work
"Qso Sleeping" Painted from life, this 9 x 12 oil is an example of my last German Pinscher.  These little dogs are tenacious and fearless.  "Qso" was named after my ham radio communications where "qso" represents conversation between ham operators. This painting is not for sale, because I lost her to old age a while after, and her memory is alive here.  9 x 12 inches.