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Updated 11/1/2020


COLORFUL PAINTING #4 See a preview! (Opens a new window.)

From the back cover:

Elin Thomas (formerly Pendleton) presents the fourth in her series of lessons on
how to handle color! The journey continues with two painting lessons and a full explanation of the time of day and how to balance your color mixes to clearly show twilight and mist. In this two DVD set, Elin brings her Color System full circle with advanced techniques for artists already familiar with this amazing way to use color.

With a new presentation of her paintings, she shows the viewer how to handle different color and lighting conditions in twilight and overcast times of day.

The entire DVD series will give you the tools to make good color choices to convey distinct times of day in all your paintings, regardless of subject or medium used! Elin’s Color System of warm and cool color families will give you the knowledge you need to make believable depth and richness in your paintings.

Not only covering her unique Color System, Elin continually reveals her secrets to effective design and keys to how she paints quickly and easily. During both demonstrations, she peppers her brushstrokes with commentary. Also included are outtakes .

This DVD is designed and edited by an artist for artists! The content i
s 100% valuable!! You follow Elin’s brush from canvas to palette with
every minute containing relevant words, images and information.

Elin is a past member of the American Academy of Equine Art, and is the
author of “Horses in Acrylics” and a co-author on several other Walter
Foster books. She is past president of Women Artists of the West, and
on the board of national arts organizations. She has been painting for
over three decades and continually presents new artwork in her
instructional DVDs and on the web.

Order yours NOW! Only $34.95 for the TWO DVD set plus $5 shipping!


Design Tips

The Paintings:
Oil: Misty Light, Horse in Pasture
Acrylic: Wolves in Twilight Snow

Slide Show with Commentary
Advanced Techniques with 12 Sections

Outtakes (hilarious!)

This is the misty light lesson painting on the first disc, using Elin's method of painting in oils.

The Still Life Painting from the Video!

Here's the acrylic painting on the second disc in the set showing how Elin paints twilight scenes:

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