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Updated 11/1/2020

Farm Animals

A purple cow doesn't look purple when it is painted in moonlight!
I did this 12 x 16 inch oil painting was a demonstration piece for moonlight during the Color Boot Camp workshop held in Sebastopol, California. Original oil, available Purchase from the artist


You can see that I kept the grays intact for this one, and held to the complimentary color scheme of purple and yellow green and the mid range of values. The highest value contrast comes in the vicinity of the cows, so that holds your eyes, and there is an implied line created by the direction of the cows (the way they are facing) that brings the viewer into the scene, and allows one to "visit" with the rest of the composition.
This original painting is available for $295 as an 11 x 14 original from me.
"Cream of the Calves" Home safe, and purely tired! I share this exercise I painted during the acrylic workshop of one of the calves on the farm, shifting the light to more of a moonlight painting--HOWEVER, I didn't quite get it, because the values are too light for a "real" moonnlight painting--so this one shifts over to a lightly overcast day instead. Hey, artistic license, we can do that! I does show the layering of acrylics, however, and is a nice 9 x 12 size. 

Stolen along with my boxes shipped from Georgia in May, 2010.

"Life in Right Field" Tonight's painting is an extension of yesterday's, in that I have returned to the same scene, and added a cow to a new canvas. The cow seems to know changes are coming, ignoring the viewer and staring off into space. Changed the time of day, too, toward noon, and more of the summer light of California.  
This is a 9 x 12 inch canvas. Inquire from the artist
"Moo-sying Along" Many years ago Elin had this Guersey and Brahma cross heifer.  Since it had four legs, Elin broke it to ride.  Only problem was, "steering" was non-existent!  Original oil on canvas, 8 x 10 inches unframed.US $ 400 Purchase from the artist

Dairy Goats

More than dairy goats, there are a couple of sheep in this painting, done from memories of taking the flock out just before evening to get a quick bite of the new grasses on the California hillside. This is a 12 x 16 oil, and is acvailable. Inquire from the artist

Other Goats

"King of the Little Hill" Petting zoos. What can I say? They might be filled with doting parents of tiny tykes running up and hugging the tolerant creatures, but I cannot pass one by without going in and saying "hi" to the residents therein. This guy was about 14 inches tall, but met me at eye level (I think to escape the short people) and so I took his picture. I love goats. Today I spent a few hours in the goat pens cleaning house and setting up a new feeder. Got my exercise, and also a focus for a good Thursday painting. I hope you enjoy him! Original oil, 9 x 12 inches, US $125