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Updated 11/2/2020

Florals and Flower Paintings

These original works feature flowers as the major subject matter. Still life paintings (many also with flowers) can be found here.

"Rose Bouquet" At 12 x 9 inches, this bouquet of roses brings back memories of the love that one can have for another. I painted them before they faded, and now they are set to go to a new home. Original oil, 12 x 9 inches $275  directly from me.

Slipping back into acrylics for a while, I decided that the palette knife and a peony needed to meet up on a five by five canvas. I love these flowers, having seen them as a child growing up back east. They are sensuous, fragrant and seem to contain a gentle spirit within. The palette knife was fun, quick and allows for some very interesting edges! The colors are much more luminous than the image, but it still brings me pleasure. This is a six by six acrylic on panel.

You can purchase it directly from me.

My sister came over to visit for a few hours, and we organized the larger space that will host shows and students. In doing so, sorting the flowers into color groups for display and still life setups was part of the journey. I now have nice vases of reds, yellows, and greens, and this white pitcher of white flowers! It seemed like a fun thing to do to set it up on a sculpting stand and paint it--so here is the 12 x 12 inch oil for your pleasure today! $250

"Flower Joy" Almost square at 15.5 x 16 inches, this is a nice painting full of the joy of flowers in a bouquet, with a pear (oh, those pears!) and some odds and ends. This actually started out as a monochrome painting (one color plus black and white) but I used color to put that final layer on. Very loose handling of paint, too!


"Studio Light Floral" After setting up this blue vase and flowers in her studio, Elin painted this first work, a 20 x 16 oil with rich brushwork and grand color. From the artist US $425.
"Peppermints and Peonies" Elin realized that this LARGE 30 x 40 inch painting was not represented on the site, and so has brought it to your attention now. It would be lovely gracing a room with these colors. Original oil, US $1,150 from the artist.

"Brass and Green" "It is so nifty when I'm able to successfully render the look of brass in a still life." And the greyed greens of the ceramics just add to the lushness of this scene. Original oil on canvas, 24 x 20 inches, available through Bob Ferguson Fine Art in Escondido. Email the gallery.

"Roses and Sunset Painting" This 24 x 24 canvas is a similar subject for Elin, who loves the clear water in the large vase. Note the lovely sunset painting above the roses--two paintings in one! Original oil on canvas, available from the artist
"A Pitcher for Bats"  Here is one of the artist's many cats, who tends to invade whatever still life is up, especially during the colder months of the year.  This painting has been selected by Hasbro, Inc. for use on their Picture Perfect Puzzles, sold during 2002.  The light creates a warm spot, and "Bats the Cat" is a heat magnet.  Update! Hasbro again uses this painting for their "Roll and Go" Puzzle Carrier ! Original oil painting, 24 x 30 inches, unframed price. Lost in an accident. 
"One Candle" Here another of Elin's sumptuous still life works, this a vertical 30 x 24 inch canvas.  The single candle, lit, signifies everyone's journey through life.  US $475 Purchase from the artist

"Roses, Ribbons and Money" One of Elin's most profound works.  Here is good and evil--the Bible and ten thousand dollars.  The ribbon wends tantilizingly among these images as if trying to make a choice..  Original oil painting, 30 x 40 inches. Price $2500

Purchase from the artist

Email Elin about any of these paintings.