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Updated 11/1/2020

The Paintings for "Horses in Acrylics" the Walter Foster Book by Elin Pendleton (Now Elin Thomas)

Below are the paintings that are featured in Elin's book on Painting Horses in Acrylics, HT285, published by Walter Foster. The book is now OUT OF PRINT with no further copies available, except second-hand through sellers such as ebay or Amazon. 

"Redcoat, Before the Jump Off " The first of the paintings for the Walter Foster book, and also the COVER! For the chapter outlining how Elin paints white horses, this acrylic painting has the wonderful color and glow--but in acrylic! An original measuring 12 x 9 inches, it can be yours for US $ 850. Contact the artist.
"Before the Storm, Drafters" Elin paints a man in a pink shirt with his team of Belgian crosses, coming in before the storm. This painting is depicted in the book on painting horses in acrylics, due in stores January 2005. At the Horse Expo in Sacramento in June, this painting took first place in acrylics. Original acrylic, 18 x 24 inches, US $850 Ask about it.
"Washing Sox with Mr. Red Shirt" The second in the series of thirteen paintings going into the Walter Foster book on painting horses using acrylics, this is for the chapter of on-location painting. Original acrylic, 9 x 12 inches, US $ 850 Contact the artist.
"Got Paint?" When the folks over at Walter Foster saw my "Baby Bay" painting, they asked if I could do one in acrylics, and make it a paint, to show how I paint foals. Not a problem! Here's the 12 x 12 acrylic that will be published in January 2005 showing this coloration in a tri-color bay pinto! Original acrylic, US $ 700 Contact the artist.
"Gray Thoroughbred, Del Mar" This painting will also be featured in the Walter Foster book on painting horses in Acrylics, for the chapter on creating a focal point, and is a wonderful example of the light and color Elin uses in her paintings. On its way for exhibit at the Sporting Gallery in Red Bank, New Jersey, and featured on the post card mailing for the show. Original acrylic, 16 x 20 inches Inquiries?
"Looking Back, Mare and Foal" For the book on painting Horses in Acrylics (due out January 2005), Elin painted this 12 x 16 image of a mare and her foal to show the size relationships between them. Original acrylic, US $ 450 Inquiries
"Commission, White Arab" The editors at Walter Foster wanted to show how Elin paints commissioned pieces, so she re-did this commission in acrylics (the original was done in oil and is on the commisssions page). Although a specific horse, this original 12 x 16 painting shows Elin's facility in acrylics.
"Speedy Gonzales" Here is the first painting that was "lessoned out" in the book, Chapter One, Horses in Motion. Although some paintings are similar to ones Elin's done before, there are many changes to keep the content unique. Original acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12 inches, $ 675 Contact the artist.
"All Tied Up" This smaller version of "Hobbles" is done in oils, and the horse is looking at the viewer. Walter Foster wanted me to depict a story with this painting, and it will spell out how I make the relationship between horse and rider come to life in my work. Original acrylic on canvas, 16 x 16 inches, US $ 1000 Contact the artist.
"Through the Snow, Small Version" I was asked by the folks at Walter Foster to so a similar painting I had already sold, for my book, and to keep it original, I did it in reverse, so it would never be confused with the one in oil (sold). Here it is, measuring 10 x 15 inches (interesting, custom size), and framed in beautiful rosewood.
"Texture in Horses " From one of the chapters in the upcoming Walter Foster book showing how I paint the textures of horses, this 16 x 20 acrylic is a similar view from the one I did in oils in "Idyllwild Transportation." Beautiful glazing created the colors on the brown horse, and the white one has many of the same textured layers. US $700 Purchase