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Updated 11/2/2020

Licensed Images

The two paintings selected by Hasbro, Inc. were available on Picture Perfect Puzzles. You can still find a few of them through second-hand sellers.

On the left is "Pantry Cat" and on the right is "A Pitcher for Bats", both original paintings selected by Hasbro for use on their line of jig saw puzzles!  My name and the title of the paintings are on all four sides of the box!

Both have been reported as seen in East Coast Wal Marts.

Hasbro's Picture Perfect Puzzles

From the Back of the Box:  "Precision technology creates puzzle pieces that fit together so smoothly, they appear almost seamless!  Your finished puzzle fits a standard 18" x 24" frame!  PICTURE PERFECT PUZZLES will make a grand impression in your home or office!"  550 piece puzzles.  

"A Pitcher for Bats" appears again on the new "Puzzle Keeper" by Hasbro! 

Here is the painting that was used for the box on the left above:

"Shelf Life", original acrylic painting on canvas, 18 x 24 inches. (Sold)

And here is the image that was used for the right side box, above (lost due to accident):

And yet more news. HALLMARK will be releasing the painting below also as a puzzle. Stay tuned!

"Blue Ribbon Patriot" Original oil on Gallery Wrap canvas, 24 x 24 inches