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Updated 11/4/2020

Landscape Paintings - Special Painting Events and Places

This page will be used for special paintings resulting from plein air competitions, and on location special places that don't fit into other categories. I can upload from anywhere with a T-mobile connection!

Kentucky Virginia Glen Eden
Arizona Europe California Landmarks


I decided to finish up a couple of paintings that were started earlier--one is the book cover with the phoenix on it, and I may update that with a daylight photographed image to show the nuances. The other is the one started on location in Kentucky, and is the hillside with all of the texture in the greens. Although the mark-making at this point is subtle, the differences are pronounced in where I want your eye to go. This 16 x 12 oil now has the stronger message I wanted to convey about the light and the atmosphere as I looked across the valley.

On another note, I brought home Heather doe goat and her adorable week-old daughter. Tomorrow I will take pictures! We'll be back in goat milk, and with the chickens that came along, hopefully fresh eggs for quiche and breakfast! I love the sound of a rooster--as long as he isn't under our bedroom! Now, since I know they get up a whole lot sooner than I do, I'm off to get some much-needed shut-eye!
"Near the Art Studio, KHP" The horse in the pasture painting done as a demonstration during Elin's workshop at the Kentucky Horse Park. Nothing like those beautiful clouds in Kentucky! Original oil on canvas panel, 16 x 20 inches US $ 850 Contact Elin


"High Water" While on the banks of the Potomac River just north of Leesburg and southeast of White's Ferry, my sister and I figured out why the ferry wasn't operating. However the grandeur of these two bankside trees caught my eye. Original acrylic on board-backed canvas 12 x 9 inches, US $ 295 from the artist.
"Holding on or Spring" Everywhere we went on our Virginia trip, we would look through the forests and see these beech trees holding fast to last year's leaves, awaiting the spring growth before dropping their silvery white remnants of last year's green. Original acrylic on board-backed canvas, 12 x 9 inches. Available for US $295 from the artist.

Glen Eden

More coming!!

California Landmarks

More coming!

Arizona - Aspens

Paint the Aspens with the Paint-L mailing group!

This painting was STOLEN from my shipping boxes in May, 2010. I really miss this one.

The first morning after arriving at Hawley Lake, I awoke to mist and cool weather--portent of the rain that was to come later in the day. What to do but pull out the acrylics and paint the picnic table and the view across the lake!

This is a gallery wrap 9 x 12 and I'm looking at it sitting on the dashboard of my truck==the greens are more vivid than this image conveys...Now, all you folks familiar with the Color System know that 99 percent of this painting was done with the cool boxes. Do you see that areas under the left end of the picnic table? That flash of burnt sienna is what makes this painting work. OK, it breaks a rule, but sometimes that is what makes painting so much fun!

I've painted three more, but will have to wait until I get the photos in the computer. Now it is starting to rain again, and I need to get out of town and back to the lake before full dark. Here's a snapshot of the lake from my camping spot--with the evening clouds reflected. See you soon!

Original acrylic, 14 x 7 inches. Using those acrylics in the pill boxes with the felt in the lids is working so well, I have no desire to even get out the oils for this trip! On Wednesday, Gwen, Suzanne and I met up on Escuadilla Mountain to capture the absolute beauty of the changing color of the aspens, and we weren't disappointed! The sun would break through scudding cloud masses, and my camper's oven was cooking the pot roast for the campfire gathering that night. Then the weather changed to lightning and thunder, and we beat feet for cover. I had done this painting as the second endeavor for this area, and finished it safely dry at the camper's dining room table.
It sold to an Arizona collector on the opening of the gallery show yesterday, so "I'm a happy camper" (truly!)

The photo below is of Suzanne and Gwen looking at the scenery.

Above's the acrylic 12 x 12 diptych which was/were the first paintings started at Escuadilla Mountain. I taped them together across the back, and drew in the design of what I saw (see yesterday's image of Gwen and Suzanne painting to see my view). I wanted each one to stand on it's own, even tho' they were painted to be a duo, to hang together. They are gallery-wrapped, painted on the edges, which are 1.5" deep. Right now both are in the Joyous Lake Gallery in Pinetop-Lakeside for this month's show.

The process was to paint the largest shapes, in three major values (dark, middle and light) establishing the basic value plan in the inherent colors. Then breaking down each area into smaller and smaller bits, using either lighter or darker values to make each shape more interesting. For example, the aspens were laid in with a mid-value of sap green and cad yellow and white, and then subsequent layers came in to define the lighter and darker areas.

When I turned around in my seat, I could see behind me to my camper. That's where I took shelter as we literally ran from the lightning from the thunderhead that appeared so quickly. Sure doesn't look like it in this image! I just love the darks under the aspens, and those light trunks. Paintings in all directions!

What an awesome time! Here just two weeks ago I was on the other side of the country in Georgia, painting beauty there, and now I'm high in the White Mountains of Arizona painting the aspens. This is a 12 x 36 acrylic, done on location, and is the second of several paintings I've done this week.
Camping at Hawley Lake is wonderful--the nights with the elk bugling through the night, and the stars thick and bright.
I'm online for only a moment in Eager, Arizona, thanks to the kindness of a computer store owner. Not much in this small town, but LOTS of kind people!
Back to the lake tonight, to host the campfire for the other artists, and singing by the lake with great friends.

"Backlit Aspen Evening" Changing from oils to acrylics was like revisiting an old friend. Larger canvas, familiar methods. This 16 x 20 canvas came to life as the evening light closed in. David R. Becker was nearby, painting a similar scene. Original acrylic available for $800 from the artist.
"From the Second Lakeside Campground" On my last morning in the White Mountains of Arizona, I painted this morning light piece, sitting and waiting for the light to come up and strike the sides of these towering pines. The evening prior I listened to the bugling of the elks as I camped again on the edge of Hawley Lake. Original oil, 12 x 9 inches, US $375 from the artist.
"Changing Seasons" From the parking lot at Sunrise Ski Area (not open), I looked up the hill and saw this group of beautiful aspens, so I grabbed my gear and hiked up to paint it. I was sitting in the shadow of a pine, and halfway through the painting session, I was extremely startled to have a large raptor, probably a hawk, explode into flight from the branches above me. But I settled back down and finished this 16 x 12 oil on board, US $675 from the artist.
"Evening Light at Hawley Lake" On the penninsula day use area, I took my oils and at about 6 p.m. went out and painted this tree, solo in the golden evening light. Original oil on canvas backed board, 9 x 12 inches. US $ 375 from the artist.


More coming!!!


"Snowy Path" A 12 x 9 inch acrylic painting from memories of my travels into Switzerland during the winter, although this scene could be found just about any place where snow falls. $325

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