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Updated 11/4/2020

Island Paintings of the World

Elin Thomas has traveled throughout the world, beginning with a sea voyage of five months when she was 19. Living in Europe and returning to paint favorite locations has been a wonderful part of her life. Here are paintings from more recent trips. All paintings are unframed, unless otherwise noted.

The Greek Islands

"Greek Idyll" An eight by ten inch oil painting with the lyrical brushwork and color that solidly depicts the feel and moisture of water and reflections in this image from the Greek Islands. $325

"Solo Red and Blue" In the Greek Islands, the houses are white, (reflected in the water), and the boats are every color of the rainbow! Original oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches, US $300. Contact Elin about this painting.

The Hawaiian Islands

"Hawaiian Magma" Last night's voyage around to where Kilauea volcano has been pouring hot magma into the sea was spectacular to see, but impossible to photograph. Our ship came right by the glowing excitement, with steam and erratic currents, but we couldn't photograph it, not with our digital camera anyway.  So I looked and looked, and then looked some more, and painted this 9 x 12 canvas this afternoon from the visual memory of the heat, color and steam.  It is an acrylic, for sale for $200. 

"Final Goodbyes" Spreading my Parents' Ashes off of Diamond Head. Original acrylic, 9 x 12, not for sale.
A long day, full of emotional content, and I don't know if I ought to try to contain it all in an email. However, perhaps the painting will give you a greater gift than my words tonight.
Today's painting is the culmination of the reason for this trip to Hawai'i, Diamond Head in the late afternoon light, from the ocean side--not the "usual view" from Waikiki. It is approximately here that we dropped our parents' ashes, and said our final goodbyes.

I have to say, I have this feeling of great tiredness, yet a lifting of my spirit today, for the burden of being caretaker for their corporeal remains has been lifted from my shoulders now.

"Io Valley, Maui" We came up the valley because my mother, who lived in the Territory of Hawaii before and during WWII would talk about how beautiful it is. I painted the mists and the translucent light from the beautiful park just below the entrance. Original acrylic on canvas, mounted on board, 12 x 12 inches, US $ 275 from the artist.
"Ti Plant, Hawaii's Native" On a drive around the massive shoulders of Haleakela, we stopped for a lunch by this lovely waterfall. The light of the Islands is gorgeous, and one can almost feel the kiss of the moist tropical air. Original acrylic on canvas, mounted on board, 16 x 12 inches, US $395 from the artist.
While on Coconut Island, looking back toward the Nuanu Pali cliffs, I noticed that the water was so clear under the docks that they seemed to be floating. As illogical as this looks, the painting of the tie up area just had to be done! Anyone who has visited this research island will recognize the water, buildings and the view!

Available for $250 from the artist.

Sold Paintings of the World

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