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Updated 11/2/2020

Sold Paintings in the Hands of Collectors

I sell regularly through my site, either directly to collectors or through one of the galleries that show my work.  I actually prefer selling directly to my collectors, as it allows me the priviledge of getting to know the unique people who purchase fine art.

Some become friends, most are interested in other works, and I'm honored that they have allowed me to keep in touch with them.

Because of the sheer numbers, I've had to separate this page into categories. I do this so collectors can show paintings they own to others around the world, and this allows new buyers to know I'm serious about providing quality and and ONLY original art.

Here are many of my paintings that have sold, now in the hands of satisfied collectors.

You can buy with confidence from me through my web site.  I will happily give you email addresses of satisfied clients if you wish. 
Email Elin about any of the sold paintings.  Click here to open a page on buying one of my original paintings.